MrsHelenBee Shower curtain - Rainbow Fade stripes

Look at these beauties! Who wouldn’t want one of these brightening up their bathroom. I’ve spent hours and hours trailing though shops trying to find a shower curtain that doesn’t look like it’s out of the reduced-to-clear section of B&Q or a hotel!

I love bright colours, and these add so much more personality than anything I’ve ever seen for sale in home decor shops in the UK. If you’re after something fun, unique and bright – these are what you’re looking for. I’m sure they’ll raise a smile and a comment from any visiting guests too! All that’s left it to choose between them all!

The specs are below so you can check out the size – you will need your own hooks!


  • Size = 180cm wide x 188cm high
  • 12 button holes (shower hooks not included)
  • Liner not included
  • Made from 100% Polyester
  • Vivid, full color print on front, white on back
  • Machine wash coldSize = 180cm wide x 188cm high